Weight Progress:

06.27.05 - 257 Lbs.
07.04.05 - 251 Lbs.
07.10.05 - 245 Lbs.
07.17.05 - 241 Lbs.
07.24.05 - 237 Lbs.
08.01.05 - 235 Lbs.

Left to burn to get to 180 Lbs:

55 Lbs

Monday, July 25, 2005

Still Trekkin

I am very much alive and still low-carbing. Im down to 237 lbs now. Haven't been exercising every day, but fishing is excercise!!! I'm going to kick it in another gear this week. I have no problem getting to 230 by my birthday.... my belly is beerless. I was craving an Aspen Edge last night. I restrained. Go me.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Hooked on fishing at the moment. Ive been fishing almost every day for about a week now. Went out and got a pole, spider-wire... etc. Pics coming soon when I land the big one.

Also, made a commitment to no beer till my birthday... I was drinking low carb Aspen-Light (3.2g carbs per bottle) anyway, but after 6 beers, thats almost 20 carbs, and 6 beers really doesn't do it for me like it used to!

So, no beer for a month! Not a problem, I can make up for it in liquor.....

In other news, I'll be doing a radio testimonial for a radio show in Texas. Details soon....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

In the Zone?

I felt something last night while jogging that I never felt before. Well, actually, it was a lack of feeling. I felt no pain. I got into this "zone" where I was just moving along with such ease of locomotion, and it was brainless... I didn't have to tell myself to keep the same speed. I ran farther than I ever had..... it was like I was a machine. I actually got high off the feeling!!!!

Tonight I'm gonna try to see if I can get back into that place.... it was extremely rewarding.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Time for a super-burn

I was thinking, since I've got the diet thing down pat.... and doing exercise daily, my lifestyle has completely changed. Doing the diet thing now is mindless... I dont even have to think about it, and it isn't nearly as hard as it was first starting out. I'm building muscle, and my energy is through the roof.

I'll be 22, on 08/20/05. I weight 245 right now. It would be a nice goal to reach 220 Lbs by the time I turn 22.

That probably wont happen.... at least not in a healthy way. I'm gonna set my goal to 230 by the time I turn 22... I think that is reasonable, and healthy...That is, if I dont "plateau" on this atkins thing, like most people do after a few months. We'll see. ...

Its much easier to do now than it has ever been... theres no point in stopping now.

Loose 15 Lbs in 1 month and 1 week.... I can do that. 25 lbls in the same amount of time? No way.... but it would be nice to way 220 the day I turn 22

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Beefing it up

Going to the gym tonight. Gonna work out for about an hour. The only thing I've eaten to today was a SMALL amount of low carb ice cream..

Going to run 2 miles, and walk 2 miles. ... then go swimming...... should help burn at least another pound.

Every bit counts.

I'm not stopping till I reach 180.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

07/06/05 Update

Still trekin on.. I ran 2 miles last night, and walked for 3. I hit the gym for a total hour.... really worked up upper bod. I only had 1 meal... around 10 g of carbs total.

Now that Im below 250... im really pushing forward. I have so much energy I dont know what to do with it all. Did I mention I'm a drummer as well? That sometimes gets to be a great workout!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend Wrap up

I'm back from the 4 day weekend. Its mostly a blur... but good times all around. I went fishing/swimming/running.

Got to see a few local fireworks displays. It brings me a pleasant warmth to know that we still have the freedom to celebrate our freedom.

Scored 2 phone numbers (meeting up with one XX chromo this wednesday).

Still doing the low carb thing. I bought some ketones test strips from Wal-mart... and my ketone levels are very high, which means my body is definetly in ketosis.

I didn't get to the gym sunday, cuz they were closed for the holiday... but the day before??? and no one there told me about it either. I was kinda pissed.

To many kids at the park over the weekend. Hard to run when you have to dodge a bunch of snot nosed kids, with their parents following along on bikes.

I believe today I officially am below 250. I'll wait till next sunday to update my weight progress on the blog.

Went swimming in a strip mine, very deep, very cold water. I'm gonna hit that place up again often. The water is very clear, and clean.

Friday, July 01, 2005

06/30/05 Sumary

I had no breafast lunch, but did feast on dinner. I went (along with an XX chromosome w/blonde hair) . We racked up a $150 bar tab before the concert even started. I had steak w/green beans. She had a chicken fillet with a BUN. Special sauce on it as well. My steak came with a peppercorn sauce, which was delicious.

The show was mind blowing. We were front row-center. and the girl I was on a date with got invited on stage for the last song. No pics, because the guards would take your cameras. But she did get a hug from the lead singer.

Once again, I would love to give you all the details, (who played, what city, what venue... but I'm trying to stay completely anonymous about everything I post here.

I had 2 "ultra low carb" (2.6g net carbs) called Aspen Edge. Great beer. I had 2 "Hurricanes", which was Sothern comfort ( a fave of mine) and some fruit in it. It was great. We had 4 of those.... $8 a piece!!!!

All in all, geat day, and I got my excercise at the show. My shirt was soaked afterwards.

On the way back, we jammed to oldies, and just cruised.

Worth every minute of it. It was this girls best birthday gift ever.

I got home at 4:00 am..

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Checking out early

Ive got a 4 day weeking starting Friday. Thanks to Independence Day

I love this country. Im fighting for this country, and this holiday means a lot to me. Never have I been more patriotic than this year. I'll be in DC this fall, to express my patriotism, my love of freedom, liberty and my right to pursue happiness.

We have lost alot, we all need unite and fight to get it back. History is on our side.

Nothing to eat till dinner tonight. Im going for steak and vegs..... mmmmmm

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

06/29/05 Summary

I woke up today with a lot of energy. I didn't eat a balance bar, and I even skipped lunch all together. I had to drive my boss (prez of company) to the airport, and thats about 1.25 hours from where I live. Plus I stopped at several cities on the way back to take care of a few things, so lunch completely passed me by.

When I got home, I ate dinner a bit early. I had about 7 chedder cheese cubes, some rolled up PEPPERED TURKEY, and spinach. I give all that about 5 carbs.

Then, I had a balance bar before I went out to the gym... 2 carbs

That was it!! 7g net carbs total... I had 6 liters of water that day tho.

I ran about 1.5 miles, and walked the remaining 2.5. Theres this girl that I always see running, and she never breaks a sweat, but today she was drenched for some reason. Her entire upper part of her shirt was soaked., as well as her hair. It just made me wonder why because I see her all the time, and never any indication of sweating. It wasn't even that hot today.

I then did laundry (at the laundry mat) after all that.

Getting ready to crash out. Ive got Iron Butterfly's - "Scorching Beauty" album on rotate tonight. Last thing I do before I check out is get about 30mg of Diazepam in me for a good nights rest.

Ive got a rock concert to goto tomorrow. I"ll get my workout there.

Getting ready to crash out.

06/28/05 Summary

Calcium - 1200mg
Centrum - 1
2 oz of ToYourHealth's Weight Management Supplement

Chinese (Garlic chicken, peppered pork, no rice) - 6g carbs

2 roast beef roll ups (no wraps or tortillas, just the meat) w/Swiss cheese
0.5 cup of spinach
Total carbs for dinner? Not sure, less than 10g net carbs i know that

low carb ice cream bar.... dark raspberry.... goood 1g net carb

Total net carbs for the day <>

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


To tired right now to summarize... i'll post my dinner details from today, in the morning.

I was at the gym for 30 minutes working the arms... and i walked 3 miles, ran for 1.

Today Jethru Tull's "Cross Eyed Mary" carried me home the last mile... bliss

right now, for me its about shower, zeppelin... bed


Today for lunch I had a bit of Chinese. Garlic chicken and some peppered pork.. no rice of course!

I forgot my camera, so I didn't get a picture, but it was a small serving. I also had 3 pieced of melon.

I"ll rank this up to about 6g carbs for lunch.... give or take a few. I will be hitting the gym again tonight... and doing the 4 mile thing afterwards....

burn on burn on.

Lax day at the office

Woke up this morning... felt pretty good. I skipped the breakfast bar this morning, so I'm empty until lunch. I thinking about chinese, maybe garlic chicken and vegs? No rice of course....

Today is going to be pretty slow at the office. I'm leaving out of town Thursday (rock concert)... can't say who, or that will give away my location!!!

My boss is leaving for Mexico tomorrow... can't wait for that!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Night Night

Time for me to wind down...

...a few shots of Southern Comfort 70 proof

Tunes - Led Zeppelin III

Lighting some candles, some incense, turning on the big visualizations from winamp on the big screen TV.... and just... drift away... till tuesday calls me at 6:30 AM

Today's Summary

I did actually make it to the gym for about 30 minutes... enough to get my upper body worked. I forgot my camera, but I swear I went! I even flirted with the blondie at the place.. ask her if you dont believe me!

I want to get my camera in there, because I dont know what all the machines are called that I use, but I would like to take pics of them, and describe my routine, so you guys all get a picture of what im doing there.

After dinner I ate a low-carb balance bar (eat more than 2 a day, and you'll shit yourself... no joke... )

I also did my 4 mile walk, which was very invigorating.... nice heat outside.... lake air... sweat dripping on the last mile jog that ive been trying to work in. Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4" carried me all the way home... gotta love that song!

On a side note, I saw 2 blonde girls kissing in the parking lot on the way back... (nice)

So in summary, my diet today:

Calcium - 1200mg
Centrum - 1
Breakfast bar: 3g net carbs
2 oz of ToYourHealth's Weight Management Supplement

Small vegetable tray without the veg dip. I'll give it 5g net carbs

That monster of a wrap (see below).. 8g net carbs + the meat cheese and vegs... lets just say 10 carbs
Balance bar before gym and park walk/jog - 2g net carbs

3+5+10+2... thats 20g net carbs for the day.. just about right!

Lets not forget the 4 liters of Aquafina water!!!

To think, before all this, I was just storing up fat.. eating more than 100, sometimes 150g carbs a day.

No more sugar... no more pop, no more bread... pasta... or potatoes... screw it!

180 is getting closer every day.

Now... its shower time.


Dinner tonight consited of :

Low carb "Flat out" wrap (8g net carbs)
w/2 slices of premium angus roast beef (this stuff is almost $10/lb at the deli)
w/2 slices of ready-bacon
w/1 slice of swiss
w/1 slice of super sharp chedder (the kind that makes your eyes water when you eat it alone)
w/2 slices of tomatoes

mmm... low carbolicious

New Playlist

Heres my new playlist for walking at the park for the next few days. No bubble gum radio pop crap here!

Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4
Boston - More than a feeling
Creedance Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising
Crosby Stills and Nash - Into the Darkness
The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Deep Purple - Bird has Flown
Eagles - Victim of Love
INXS - Strangest Party
Jefferson Airplane - Its no Secret
Dr Hook - Walk Right in
Emerson Lake & Palmer - Still... You Turn Me on
Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile
Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath
Led Zeppelin - What it is and what Should Never be
John Lennon - How Do you sleep
Pink Floyd - Great gig in the sky
Rush - Workin man
Steppenwolf - Hey Lawdy Mama
The Doors - Riders on the storm

Sounds like a great lineup to me!

Another Monday Down

Clock out time.... going to sleep for a few hours.

Plan is:

Sleep from 5:15 - 7:00PM... dinner at 7:30PM... gym at 8:00... Be at the park for the normal 4 mile stretch by 8:45. Small towns make it very easy to plan stuff.. it takes just 5 minutes to get to anywhere!

For some reading, check out this article on CNN about obesity..


I can't drink that whole thing. It actually tastes good, but I prefer water after a couple of drinks. Its only $0.49 at the deli right now.

I think this is around 5g carbs total.... when you take the veg dip out.

Time for some pics

Here is me at the office restroom. This is the figure I'm trying to change

It may not show, but I have tons more energy than I have had in awhile. Working out daily and eating right can really make a difference very quickly!

Could Have Went..

I decided before I went to bed last night (Finally crashed out just over 2AM) that I wasn't going to make it to the gym by 6:05AM, so I set my alarm for 6:30. Needless to say, when I woke up I didn't feel tired at all.

Breakfast bar - 3g net carbs.

Just got out of shower. Going to do some quick arm weights just to get something in. If I dont piss around with getting dressed, I may just walk to work. I never thought about that till today. Its less than 0.25 miles to my desk from my front door.

Sunday Nights

I already know I'm gonna have to skip the gym routine in the morning. Sundays are always restless. I found myself playing guitar for about an hour. Its 1:38AM and I'm still not in bed. I have to be at work by 8AM. Good thing the gym is open till 9 PM.

I forgot to mention that the gym opens at 6AM only on Monday's Wednesday's and Fridays. Everything else is 9AM. I'm sure I'll make it on Wednesday morning.

A hear another riff wanting to come out... Gonna kick the amp back on.

95 Degrees

Saw this going to the store to pick up a few things. This guy had a parachute/plane thing. He was near our local airport, but what amazed me was that it obviously had a motor of some kind, and he could gain lift. He was aloft after I came out of the store even. Snapped this pic.

I bought 2 low carb items at the store that I was low on:

4 Miles walking - in 95 degree heat even at 8:00PM!! Let it all sweat out... it feels good!
2 Miles biking at gym
1 Mile running on tread at gym

Gold Bond medicated powder is great for that pesky red rash that has been bugging me on my inner left thigh after exercising. Just put it on before you goto bed, and its all good to go in the morning. I gotta be up by 6:00 AM for the gym. My clock now says 12:03 AM...

Carb Intake:
18g Net

1200 mg of Calcium
1 Centrum (However it all breaks down)
2 oz of ToYourHealth's Weight Management Supplement

Album I plan on sleeping to tonight: Iron Butterfly - Scorching Beauty

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Welcome to "The Road To 180"

Exactly less than 5 days from now will mark the end of the first month of my journey. As I progress to change my life, I'll track my daily activities in an effort to inspire others, and motivate myself. I staunch believer in privacy, and although many blogs exist in which every little detail about that person's live is exposed, this will NOT be one of them.

I am a 21 year old "Systems Administrator", though I wear many hats. I have almost 8 years experience in IT, and can do just about anything.

I live EAST of the Mississippi.
I am not married, and have no children.
I consider myself an "Audiophile".

I have always been "a little over" my ideal weight for quite some time. My will power has always been incredible strong, but my desire to change myself didn't happen until one day I put my foot down and said enough.

On June 1st, 2005 I weighed (naked) 272 Lbs. (~123Kg).

I took a walk.

A short walk by my standards now, but none the less it proved something. I was out of shape. It was a shock to my system, seeing me out of breath after such a minimal amount of exercise. The walk was to my local post office and back, a whole half mile. It was a start.

The Road To 180 is about my journey to 180 Lbs. Follow me if you desire.

Will I make it? I'm putting it all out there. This is my mission.

The main things I want to include in my blog are:

Total calorie intake
Total "net carb" intake
Total fat intake

Vitamins/Minerals/Supplements intake
Exercises (Walked/jogged distance, time... weights... etc)

Current weight
Current front and side picture (with my face blurred)

Here is a quick summary of my progress up till today. Now that I'm blogging, I'll be doing daily updates.

Week 1 (June 01-04)

After a few days of walking, I had increased my distance by walking further and further through town. I was up to an hour a day of walking, and it felt good. Not to sure of my distance and my diet hadn't really changed to much, but it was decreased.

Week 2 (June 05-11)
My new location for walking is the local park. I bought a pedometer to measure my distance. I mapped out a 4 mile walk routine that takes about 1.25 hours. On Monday, June 06 I decided to give this low-carb thing a try. Bringing myself up to speed on the Atkins diet, I concluded that this was the route I needed to go. Cleaning out the fridge, I helped a friend of mine out who has fallen on hard times and gave him a lot of my high carb food. Potatoes, frozen fries, breaded chicken fillets, cheese sticks, pasta, bread, and some pita pockets. I'm sure there was more, but anyway, the point is that I gave it all up. Cold turkey. My objective was 30g or less of carbs a day. This meant giving up a lot of things. Jump ahead to Friday, June 10 after a week of walking 4 miles a day and eating low carb every day, I joined a health club. $30 a month for a YEAR contract. Thats $360, and if you dont pay, they hire collectors to get that balance! I'm good friends with the owner, and already helped him out on a computer problem. But still, my motivation and energy is higher than I thought it would be. So with a stroke of my signature, I commited myself to the place.

Week 3 (June 12-18)
Time for some tunes while on my walks. Ive dug up my old Sony MiniDisc, and created some running music. Without giving to much away, I love classic rock and roll. So my first playlist:

Queen - Keep Yourself Alive
The Doors - Ghost Song
Jethro Tull - Cross-eyed Mary
Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Paul McCartney - Live and Let Die
Blue Oyster Cult - I Love the Night
Guns and Roses - November Rain
Led Zeppelin - Kasmir
Creedance Clearwater Revival - Hey Tonight
Cream - White Room
The Kinks - Living on a Thin Line
Eric Clapton - Cocaine
Magic - Keep on Movin' on
Deep Purple - Stormbringer
The Beatles - Hey Jude

I own every single album. I do NOT pirate music. I have over 500 cds, and most of them are all classic rock. This playlist really got me going. I'll be making more for my various moods.

I know that during this time, I brought my daily carb intake down to 20g. My dinner is the biggest carb event of the whole day. Usually about 10-15g are in my dinner. I have discovered all the low carb stuff that is out there. I have to trek to 3 different stores to get all my favorites, but its worth it. Instead of listing everything that I'm currently purchasing that is low carb, I'll wait and post them in one of my daily entries the next time I re-up.

My daily walk of 4 miles at the park hasn't changed. Althought I did miss 2 days that week. I dont like to walk in the rain. I wait until about 8:30PM to head out. This is right after my dinner, and I have about 1.5 Hours of daylight left. In this summer heat, its still above 85F so the sweat still drips.

My health club trips have been 6AM for 45 minutes. I have yet have a preferred routine, but in that length of time you can really get your body moving. I love the bikes they have there, and the many many weight machines to explore. On the weekends I try to go both Saturday and Sunday during the afternoon. Everytime I go I try to do at least a couple of miles on the bikes, tread for a mile, and do about 15 minutes of various weights.

Week 4 (June 19-25)
Keeping up with the diet, no problem there. I failed to mention before that I've always been a water drinker. I drink nothing but Aquafina, and I consume 3-5 liters a day. This was one good thing I had going for me going into all this. My appetite is getting used to being suppressed. I wake up and usually eat nothing. Once in a while I'll crab a low carb bar in the morning, but then I make it a point ot skip lunch. If I do have a lunch its literally walking down to the deli from my office and getting some 2 or 3 turkey or beef slices, some swiss and making some roll ups. Every now and then I go for some deli-made vegetable snack pack. Atkins.com has some great resources for low carb foods. Lowering fruit intake has been a hardship, but I've always loved both fruits and vegetables.

I have become more aware of the things I purchased. Instantly looking at the Facts table and ensuring that everything computes and can fit into my new lifestyle.

Sunday I walked straight from my house to the park and then took my normal route. The pedometer said 6.3 miles total. My legs really started to hurt that last mile.

I didn't walk Monday. My right calf was burning to much. Bought some Icy Hot.

I began jogging during parts of my walk this week. I was amazed at how much energy I now have. I try to run about a half mile of my total trip. I don't bother to take my pedometer along anymore, because Ive been taking the same exact route.

Anyway, those are the main details I remember. Now to start the daily's.

I weigh 257 Lbs. I have lost more than 15 Lbs and feel great. Onward and upward.

77 Lbs to go. Pictures coming soon.

Will I make it to 180?